Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Age of Misrule; World's End (here we go guys)

Beware the Pecs of Cerrunos!
 Oh, Mr. Chadbourn.
   I went into this series with medium to low expectations, cool cover art, okay reviews, oversized paperback format, all these things point me towards a solid swords and horses fantasy, add in modern/urban settings, and boom! Just what I want to read.
   In reality, it went as far above my expectations as it went below them. The story is fantastic, could not have enjoyed more the idea that the modern world shifts from scientific rules to magical. Simply put: I love that type of shit. However, the characters, for the most part, were shitty and unlikable, and the dialogue left a lot to be desired.

   To sum up; Magic! Gods! Dragons over bloody fucking London! And a bunch of boring motherfuckers ineffectually trying to do cool shit without having cool shit to do.


Be nice ya bastards!