Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And Another Thing... (not Douglas Adams)

"I'm not Doug Adams."
   Shortest reveiw yet...
  What the fuck was going through Mr. Colfer's head here? "Oh, I have a good idea; Lets revive the greatest piece of comic literature in history and rape it's ass with a watermelon!"

  No! No, and fuck you Ian.

   Don't touch this piece of shit with 10' pole.


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  3. what can you expect? people don't know when to stop these days. everything just has to keep going and going until nobody gives a shit anymore

  4. That's too bad. I wanted something to round out the series though Adams died. It sucks that it doesn't live up to his work, but what that's kinda what I expected.

  5. Aha! This has perked my interest now. Might have to have a read :)

  6. Cool blog. Makes me want to start the series.


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